November 07, 2003

Friday Night Dance Party

It’s Friday night, I’m home with my sweetie with no Saturday obligation for the first time in three weeks, and in our household that means the DirecTV 70’s music channel, a trough of homemade nachos, a bowl of homemade margaritas (served up, of course … no frozen or on-the-rocks in this house … pay attention and one day I may post the special Casa Avocare recipe), putting on the PJs, watching the Devils (for Wife, of course), popping popcorn, taking in a DirecTV movie, more margaritas, and a second DirecTV movie followed by, perhaps, a late night cordial.

It also means, of course, torturing Michele with email-borne audio clips of great songs from the 70’s.

‘Cause it’s a Dance Party here at Avocare … and as we crank em’, I’ll post em’. So stay tuned (all three of you), and I’ll post the lyrics in the extended entries so y’all can sing along at home.

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