November 06, 2003

Another Sign Of The Impending Apocalypse

Back in Philly … and I’m damn glad, given that when I left for the airport in Minneapolis this morning it was 13 degrees Fahrenheit. Early November is too early for that type of cold.

When I made my post-flight email check colleague JD had sent along a story about a town north of San Francisco, Bolinas CA. This Tuesday the citizens of Bolinas voted on “Measure G,” which passed by a vote of 314 to 152. The measure, sponsored by a local woman “known for wearing hats made of tree bark and newspaper,” reads, in its entirety:

Vote for Bolinas to be a socially acknowledged nature-loving town because to like to drink the water out of the lakes to like to eat the blueberries to like the bears is not hatred to hotels and motor boats. Dakar. Temporary and way to save life, skunks and foxes (airplanes to go over the ocean) and to make it beautiful.

Honest to God … read the story here.

It’s like I’ve always said: “A vote for Bolinas is a vote for psychotropic substances.”

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