July 14, 2003

The New New Thing

Greetings from Detroit, MI. I don't often post about sports, but I just finished watching LeBron James' post-game interview on ESPN ... and the kid sounded spectacularly unlike a professional basketball player.

He was very well spoken. He talked about Larry Byrd and Bob Cousey. When asked if he had his "A, B or C game" tonight he said "C, because we didn't win." He talked about the importance of being humble. He said "every time I'm on the court I enjoy it ... I enjoy giving the crowd what they want to see." Oh, and he had something like 25 points in 23 minutes against veteran NBA talent.

The kid is sick good, and he's going to have all of America watching the NBA again. If you're not up to speed, get a little LeBron here.

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