July 12, 2003

Mainstream Starts ... NOW!

I am officially declaring the debate about when blogs have gone / will go mainstream over, based on two news items that crossed my path today. The first is this article in today's Philadelphia Inquirer, which notes:

Sad as it may be that the Philadelphia book critic has to say it, I'm shocked, shocked, and, well, just appalled. If anyone tried to pull off this kind of inbred, taking-care-of-friends favoritism in government or business, the nation's media outlets would scream bloody murder, blogging the story to death, demanding resignations and apologies.
AYYYEEE!Emphasis mine. No footnote or parenthetical explaining what blogging is to the great unwashed ... just a verb, dropped in there like all Philadelphia readers should know what it means. (Of course we'll set aside for the moment the fact that not one of the nation's media outlets runs a truly candid blog. In fact, does this author actually think "blogging" is a synonym for "rehashing?")

That's Mainstream Sign #1. Here's #2, courtesy tomorrow's Washington Post: 'AOL Journals' To Bring Blogs To Millions. ("AOL has dubbed its service 'AOL Journals' because its surveys showed that members found the word 'blogs' confusing, said Rick Robinson, AOL's vice president for community products." Thanks for clearing that up, Rick ... we stoopid people no longer have to be confused! Sorry, have to run ... I need to finish washing the "Horseless Carriage.")

Hate to tell you, but I think we all just jumped the shark.

Posted by Avocare at July 12, 2003 11:17 PM | TrackBack

uh, it's the PI -- typo for flogging.

Posted by: john at July 14, 2003 11:40 PM
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