October 22, 2003

A Week Already?

Hard to believe it’s been nearly a week since my last post. In that time I’ve traveled from Minneapolis to Philadelphia, and after 36 hours home, to the Northwoods of Wisconsin (think Duluth / Superior, but slightly south).

I’ve been sequestered away in a remote lodge working with clients for several days, and between the poor bandwidth (think 21.6 dialup) and the poor cell connectivity (think “Can you hear me now? Shit … Can you hear me now? SHIT …”) I’ve been nearly disconnected.

The blogosphere reaches nearly all places, though … even lands of cool waters, crisp nights, and Bald Eagles (one of which nearly plucked the lodge van off the road while we headed in from the airport, thinking, I believe, that we’d make a fine if crunchy meal). I return to Wife and Dog tomorrow, but I’ll think often of this disarmingly beautiful land … unique in its serenity, and in the cool calm of the harsh conditions that lie just beneath its surface, waiting for the rise of winter. Don’t take my word for it … come here some day and see yourself.

Blog you from The City of Brotherly Love.

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