July 22, 2003


Hello from Indianapolis, which is not where I intended to spend tonight. My flight to Detroit, though, was diverted to Indy for fuel (we had to fly far south because of weather), and we never left. So I now enjoy the Indy Airport Radisson for a few hours before flying to Detroit on Northworst at 7:25 AM tomorrow.

Some observations:

Always sit as far forward in the plane as you can. I was in seat 1A (on a regional jet), by design, and as a result, was first at the counter for the long, painful rebooking process.

Always call service personnel by their first names, and tell them yours.

Never call airport personnel "asshole," as it will remain in your computer record for all time, and ensure you never, ever sit in seat 1A. (Note that I have learned this lesson by observing others, and you know who you are.)

Always keep a napkin in your pocket (credit here to my father, who has said for 40 years that with a napkin in your pocket "you'll never have to wipe with a pinecone" ... in my instance, I was able to eat pizza in a hotel bar with no napkins on-hand).

Relax when it's weather ... it's out of your hands, and the hands of the airline.

Shame on anyone who puts Grey Goose in a Bloody Mary.

Blog you from Detroit.

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