April 24, 2004

Game Over

And now, we finish her off

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Resistance Is Futile!!

She can't win! Now this is on the way … streaming across the global network, destination determined and effect certain!

Y o u c a n ' t s t o p m e . . . y o u c a n o n l y h o p e t o c o n t a i n m e!

(And frankly, tonight … she's not even gonna do that.)

Thank God she stopped blogging …


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It's Saturday Night ...

… and that means I'm gonna torture Michele.

How? With music, of course … and as a first salvo, I've just fired this via email.

Enjoy. I f y o u c a n.

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April 22, 2004

One Particular Hyperlink

Michele alerts us that Stacy (who did the layout design for Command Post) is moblogging a Buffet shot at this very moment. Go here to see her pics; even better, go here and listen to the show live.

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April 19, 2004

Looky Looky

New photos on the Photoblog

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April 10, 2004

Thank You, King


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April 09, 2004

More Internet Greatness

Who … I say, WHO … ever said that dag-blammed Internet was a waste of time, huh? WHO?!?

Not anyone who's every viewed Red v. Blue, that's for damn sure. (And if you don't have broadband, well … get it, yo.)

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April 05, 2004

Spring, Please?

tulips.jpgWent out to the car this morning, read the thermometer and it read … uhhh … 28 degrees? Really??

Yes, really.

Hmmm … coulda' sworn spring was around here somewhere. Oh yeah, there it is.

So without Spring out there, I brought it in here … so check out Tulips, on the Photoblog.

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I Return!

With an entry worthy of this page: Peep Jousting.

Anyhow, if you place Peeps in a microwave and set it for one or two minutes, they'll swell up. Actually, any generic marshmallow will do this, but it's much more fun if they're chicken-shaped. To have a Peep Joust, simply stick a toothpick in two Peeps, place them facing each other in a microwave, and fire that sucker up. Soon enough, the two Peeps will swell and one will stab the other one with its toothpick jousting lance. Sounds fun, doesn't it?

Why yes … yes it does. And thusly, a new Easter tradition is born …

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