April 08, 2003

Kerry Watch:

In keeping with the Avocare tradition of trying to inform rather than sway opinion, I wanted to surface a question I'm sure you've all been asking: What's John Kerry up to lately? Here's an idea, provided by taking the five most recent entries in a Google News search on "John Kerry." Enjoy.

Kerry Calls For US 'Regime Change' (Yes, you read that correctly.)

Edwards Touts Diplomacy In Dealing With North Korea

Picking A Challenger

Edwards Favors Diplomacy With N. Korea

Edwards Makes Primary Visit

Is it good or bad news for the Kerry campaign that Google searches on John Kerry turn up news about John Edwards?

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Today's Sponsor:

For today's auxiliary activity I direct you to the CDC Spotlight Page on SARS.

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Like General Mac, But Not:

For my small cadre of loyal readers (I see you checking in each day) ... regular Avocare posting returns. Thanks for your patience ... I hope you've been reading The Command Post all this time.

Let's start with this: The latest headlines from the North Korea News service:

Seminars on Songun policy held abroad
KCNA refutes Japan's sophism about its spy satellites
Anecdote about Kim Jong Il
Kingpin of state terrorism
S. Korean "National Assembly's" argument about "sanctions" flailed
Japan's anti-peace act flayed
Greetings to Mauritian Political Party
Foreign ministers of DPRK and Mauritius exchange greetings

Go here to read it all ... I in particular enjoyed this line: "In 130 years since its appearance the United States expanded its territory more than ten times in the way of terrorism through 114 big and small wars of aggression and some 8,900 military interventions." Who knew?

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