June 26, 2004


I’ve made the move to comment registration to limit spam (this spam, not this spam) on the site. For those who don’t know, the people peddling Cialis and penis enlargement (two great tastes that go great together!) like to write automated computer programs that submit spam comments pitching their wares on blog post comment threads. I was getting 10 or so of these comments added to the site each day, and since I had upgraded to Movable Type 3.0 anyway (yes, license paid), I switched to the TypeKey comment authentication service as well.

It’s easy, free, and fast. The next time you submit a comment, you’ll be asked to log in (if you already have a TypeKey identity) or to register (if you don’t). I provide a link for both in the comment window, and as I said before, it’s fast, easy, and free, and you get to rest better knowing that you’re helping to stop spammer scum. It’s a one-time deal: once you’ve registered, you never need to again, and what’s more, you should only need to log in once, as the service will put a cookie on your PC remembering your registration information.

Easy authentication for you, less spam for me. Everyone wins. Thanks in advance for registering, and I look forward to reading your spam-free comments.

Posted by Avocare at June 26, 2004 10:41 PM | TrackBack

See, wasn't that easy?!

Posted by: Alan at June 27, 2004 01:14 AM

It was sort of easy. At least I only have to do it once.

Choose Viagra!

Posted by: Michele at June 27, 2004 07:54 AM
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