March 13, 2004

Still Feeling It

Damn Michele. In her TCP Op Ed on Spain she sends me here. And then I remember the Changing of the Guard, which leads me to this site and video stream of that incredible moment. And I can't help but have tears in my eyes, and struggle not to cry.

So I suppose I'm not over it yet. Maybe because I fly too much. Maybe because I was on an airplane that morning. Maybe because I lost someone I respected. Maybe because I just kept working that week. Maybe because I love Wife more than anything else in my life.

And all that is so much less than those who were there, and those who lost ones they loved.

But I still think of it often. It still colors my view of each day. I still leave home each day, reminded of the impermanence of life, knowing it may be for the last time, and reminding myself to be at peace as I blow a kiss to the house over my left shoulder.

So I made this today. I started with the actual proportions — 1×6.8 — but the final result is taller than that. There are just too many names.

I may never get completely over it. But I will never forget.

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