January 03, 2004

Where The Hell Have You Been?

Good question … at home, which is a nice change of pace for the usual regimen of travel. Watching football … spending lots of time in front of the PS2, hanging with Tiger and Psymon and Donovan, and with hockey-crazed Wife, Scotty … it all, it’s been a wonderful week.

I have been blogging, mind you, but have spent nearly all of that time at Command Post, tracking the air security threat in particular. So if you just can’t live without my scintillating prose, go there.

I have not been on an airplane in 16 days, and frankly, it’s been wonderful. That said, I’m feeling ready to get in the saddle again … and a sure as the sun will rise, I will be in Chicago next week.

But tonight, we continue the party. Hope you do, too.

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