December 03, 2003

Brightening Winter

Hello from Minneapolis, where the nights are increasingly long and brisk (although oddly, not as cold tonight as it is back home in Philly). People here start early with Christmas … yards and storefronts are already strung with lights and holly, Christmas trees shine through warm bay windows, and green-and-red sweaters abound. It’s an adaptive response, I think … breaking in deep and harsh winter with as long a burst of holiday warmth as possible, because God knows, January will soon be here.

But how can you stay warm this winter? There’s no warmth quite like that which comes from within, and nothing stokes that fire quite like giving. So in the spirit of the season: Click any (or all) of the links below, give something back, stoke the fire within, and be warm.

  • BluePack (provides blue backpacks filled with health and educational supplies to Afghan children)
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