November 28, 2003

Sign Up Now

Hello from Fairfax, VA, where Wife and I are enjoying Thanksgiving weekend with family … we hope you're enjoying a restful weekend full of thanks as well.

An update to the WinBy9Not2 post:

Take a stand now! Let us unite to KEEP Gary Crowton from getting fired. BYU needs him. The Mountain West Conference needs him. The BCS needs him. And the University of Utah needs him.

Indeed! Visit and sign the petition now …

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The web cam suggests that it is quite dark in Falls Church, VA, at midnight. Wish we were there -- you and I could take a walk on the golf course, 'moke a 'gar, 'nick a 'nack, etc. love you, j

Posted by: j at November 30, 2003 12:05 AM
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