November 02, 2003

You Heard It Here First

At last night's event Wife and I saw two singers who absolutely blew us away, and who we're certain will become household names in the coming years. The first was Michael Bublé, whom Wife has been promoting among friends since downloading his latest CD from iTunes several months ago. He sings swing, and last night said his job is “to make people horny.” He does a damn fine job.

Even more impressive, though, was Renee Olstead. Stop and write that name down … R-e-n-e-e O-l-s-t-e-a-d … got it? Good. Now take that piece of paper, and put it in a file titled “Grammys.” Also in that file place a second piece of paper that says “Between 5 and 10” … because that’s at least as many Grammys Renee Olstead will win before her career is complete. She sings Jazz, she’s got the talent of a Fitzgerald or Holiday, and she’s … get this … 14 years old. A truly incredible singer. Blew. Us. Away. Learn more about her here, and if you have the $15 or so it takes to purchase one of her albums, do so.

Like the title says: You heard it here first.

Posted by Avocare at November 2, 2003 08:30 PM | TrackBack

And I read it here first. Uno's. Two martini's, the red onion salad, and the sausage/cheese pizza. write your names on the wall. Blue Chicago. rock on.

Posted by: john at November 2, 2003 08:54 PM

True that, brother, true that.

Posted by: Alan at November 2, 2003 09:05 PM
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