October 30, 2003

Get Ready For The Fire Hose

A night in the hotel room with nothing but some work, some email, and blogging to keep me entertained … I know I’ve been delinquent with the posts recently—tonight I make up for lost time. Get ready for a veritable fire hose of blogging goodness. (And yes: Minneapolis is cold already.)

We’ll start with this: Bandai Corp’s Primopuel, the latest craze to seize Japan. But here’s the catch: this small, plush, gnome-like toy is a craze among 30- and 40-something women, not young girls. And they’ve taken the craze disturbingly far, with the little soulless tikes serving as surrogate infants for tens of thousands of Japanese women. Hell, they even throw the things birthday parties. Want to be really frightened? Check out this French Primopuel site.

Another testament to rampant loneliness, I fear. (Nothing new, of course … just ask Thoreau.)

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