October 08, 2003

Smashing Earth

Hello from Minneapolis, where it is … oddly … quite warm. We expect a beautiful fall day here, in fact … check out the Minneapolis webcam (click the camera icon below this post) and see for yourself (it’s dark at the moment, of course … I mean, it’s 6:30 AM here, right?).

One of the bloggers I came to enjoy through creating The Command Post with Michele was Lt. Smash, who published a blog from the Iraqi theater. Now that he’s returned from duty, he's Citizen Smash and you may read his fine blog here.

Yesterday Smash posted about a small earthquake he felt in San Diego, which reminded me of this interactive online map produced by the United States Geological Survey (Smash later linked to the “Report It” section of the USGS site as well). The link I’ve posted is already narrowed to Smash’s part of the world, and sure enough, there’s his quake, the little teal square down Tijuana way. Play around with the map and visit the other USGS links there; it’s a great site.

The ability to look at maps of earthquakes in real time? I don’t know about you, but that’s PRECISELY the kind of Star Trek stuff that as a kid I always dreamed my computer would do …

UPDATE: For the even more curious, Smash's quake looked like this (from the same USGS site; click the image to see a larger version) …

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