September 22, 2003

Leaving Las Vegas

Today I leave the Valley of Sin Sun for calmer climes. Most of yesterday was spent enjoying the fiesta that only an NFL Sunday in Vegas can create, and if you’ve never been in a Vegas sports book when a game comes down to the wire, it sounds like this.

In retrospect, I’ve been here a number of times, and as is always the case after a long weekend in Vegas I awake very ready to leave, feeling that I’ve already spent one day too many in and around The Strip. It’s fun to visit, it’s a place like to other, but it’s not me. Indeed, Vegas is nobody, really … the people, aesthetic, and culture are all imports (as the locals say, “Nobody is from here.”). Last night I was ready to get back to my work and my lifestyle, today I am, and all in all that’s a damn good thing.

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