September 21, 2003

Vegas Update

Things in Las Vegas are going swimmingly, if you’re curious. You’d be having a wonderful time yourself if you were here, especially if you’re fond of having absolutely no sleep. And even better is that I'm up on the city: while waiting for a member of our party to get cash the first night, I walked up to the nearest roulette table, plopped down a bet, won two ways, and have not bet a table since.

And just so you know, if you combine 10 red-blooded American men a two-hour pre-party in the suite, many, MANY shots of tequila, Saturday Night, Saturday Nighter’s , Las Vegas, 12,000 screaming, drunk Parrotheads and shake the whole thing wildly, you end up leaving an entire Jimmy Buffett concert on your wife’s cellular phone as a series of 19 separate voicemails (that would be … uh, about 19 songs at about one message a song).

Just if you’re wondering.

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