September 20, 2003

This Is The Strip

Before you’re too feeble, take a 7:30 Saturday morning run down the Las Vegas Strip. When you do, you will see an astonishing cross-section of America … of her people, her pastimes, her ethic, her avarice, her vice. Casino diner waitresses smelling of thicksweet perfume. Stunning black call girls sharing bus stops with black paraplegic women. Drifters standing absently with cigarettes and beer. Mid-American tourists strolling cameras in hand. Clutches of white collar women speed walking in spandex. Leather-clad hookers casino-jumping with their Johns. Hose-wielding casino workers spraying down the Strip. Restless no-sleep professionals running out their hangovers. And the entire tableau carpeted with the flyers of Las Vegas’ Hottest Babes, reflecting the heat and light of the rising desert sun.

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i had the chance to spend a few days in vegas and it happened that it was not a vacation so i spent my time more as an observer than a participant. i have nothing against that city and planned to go and enjoy all it had to offer someday{well most all, i have a feeling the girls on those baseball cards aint all they're cracked up to be} buy i was there to spend time doing other things. my first view of the vegas strip @ night, we flew in @noon, was from out in the desert. we were rock climbing in a state park and as the sun set we stopped and looked at the city. even though it did seem out of place as it did from the air it was amazing. the lights the glimmer, one hotel mirage i think has a light comming out of a pyramid and shoots a beam into the night sky unbelievable. a night or two later we took a walk through a few hotels and down the strip ..quite a combination of glitter and garbage. souviners and flyers for hookers...the print and hand out flyers for hookers. but the crowd locals and tourist was well behaved all three days everywhere i went i was treated well strange city interesting city glad i saw it.

Posted by: lee at September 20, 2003 08:33 PM
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