September 19, 2003

Morning Has Broken

It was a long night. We lost power at 7:45 PM and as of 6:15 AM, when I left for the airport, the lights were still out. But the storm has passed, my flight is on time, and this was the view from the airport parking deck this morning …

Blog you from … Las Vegas!

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Lights came back on in the Philly region around 9AM on Sunday morning, PECO, the local energy company, called in extra crews from Illinois, Michigan, and Ohio to assist the 3/4 million that lost power here. By Saturday morning, 1/2 million still had no power. During a brief outing Saturday morning, I found about 7-8 downed lines, huge trees laying on top of the lines, and no crews at all -- progress seemed slow and people were out searching for places to get a hot breakfast. Needless to say, the local bagel shop was doing a record business that morning!

As an asidde, PECO claims it is the worst hurricane in its history.

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