September 18, 2003

Hurricane Intercept Research Team

What do you know … the Hurricane Intercept Research Team that's running the web cam I linked to earlier also has a weblog, which you may read here. The latest entry:

We are now getting the backside of Isabel. Winds are topping out now at 64 mph gusts with sustained winds near 45mph. The pressure is on its way back up- now at 973 millibars. We hit somewhere near 970 millibars earlier in the afternoon. I'll have more from Atlantic Beach as we near the 5pm advisory period. Folks north of the Carolinas are going to be dealing with hurricane next. I'll have more on the future track of Isabel in a couple of hours.

For now, I can say that the damage along the Crystal Coast that we've seen has been minimal. It is still very windy and we have the backside to get through. But as of now- roughly 2pm, all seems to be fairly in order along the Crystal Coast.

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