September 15, 2003

Peggy’s Back

Peggy Noonan is writing for OpinionJournal again, and today posts an account of her participation in a meeting of conservatives with Catholic leaders Cardinal McCarrick and Bishop Gregory. You may not agree with Noonan’s views on abortion, but it’s hard to disagree with this:

I said the leaders of the church should now—”tomorrow, first thing”—take the mansions they live in and turn them into schools for children who have nothing, and take the big black cars they ride in and turn them into school buses. I noted that we were meeting across the street from the Hilton, and that it would be good for them to find out where the cleaning women at the Hilton live and go live there, in a rent-stabilized apartment on the edge of town or in its suburbs. And take the subway to work like the other Americans, and talk to the people there. How moved those people would be to see a prince of the church on the subway. “They could talk to you about their problems of faith, they could tell you how hard it is to reconcile the world with their belief and faith, and you could say to them, Buddy, ain’t it the truth.”

We should, of course, ask the same of many of our leaders … of our Governors and Congresspeople and College Presidents and CEOs and Cabinet Members and Hospital Administrators. All of them: Yes … walk amongst the people, please.

Posted by Avocare at September 15, 2003 06:28 PM | TrackBack

One question: does Peggy Noonan? I get what she's saying but it's so facile for one who travels with men and women who don't do any of that.

Posted by: Jane Finch at September 15, 2003 07:35 PM

Aww, come on, Jane. I'm SURE Peggy walks among the people ...

Posted by: Alan at September 15, 2003 09:13 PM
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