September 13, 2003

Not All Travel Sucks V 2.0

OK … I’ll be straight here: not all travel sucks. True, I’ve been away from the woman I love since Tuesday morning. True, I’ve been in three cities since then. True, I’ll spend something like 22 days (out of 30) on the road this month. True, I’ve been in a jacket and tie and working since 8:00 this morning and will continue working through 10:00 tonight. True, my weekend will consist of Sunday afternoon.

BUT, sometimes with this job you get to fly in on a jet like this, stay in a hotel like this, and enjoy a break from the grind by eating room service in your two-room ocean-facing suite, the balcony sliding doors open, the evening Florida breeze wafting across your sitting area, and the sounds of jazz floating in from the terraces below.

So no: not all travel sucks.

(But missing Wife does.)

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