September 04, 2003

What Day Is It?

Let’s see … I flew to San Francisco Monday morning, and it’s now … uhh … about 12:12 AM Thursday morning, and I frankly have not had time to post even the most cursory comment in this space. So understand that I’m very busy (12 and 16 hour days yesterday and today), and please accept my apologies.

I need to be on my way to Half Moon Bay for meetings first thing in the morning, but wanted to at least check in and serve up the San Francisco web cam. Additionally, on the flight out Monday we flew directly over two wonderful Utah places: Canyonlands National Park, and a favorite place for Wife and me, Capitol Reef National Park (indeed, I proposed to Wife at the top of a 1,200 foot overlook in Capitol Reef). As we soared over these vistas I took a few snaps … they are, from top/bottom left/right, the Waterpocket Fold, Canyonlands (and the Colorado River, I believe), Grand Wash at Capitol Reef, and the Fremont River Canyon at Capitol Reef. As always, enjoy, and click for the biggie size.

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Posted by: Gwen at September 4, 2003 10:10 AM

Whoa! If I look hard enough I think I can make out the campground and some old Natty Light cans :)

Posted by: Colin at September 4, 2003 04:36 PM

I think I saw Scooter down there!!

Posted by: kt at September 4, 2003 07:28 PM

"Greetings Race Fans! We are broadcasting high above Capital Reef, site of the 2nd annual Gonzo 1/2 mile!"...

Posted by: Colin at September 4, 2003 08:06 PM
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