August 18, 2003


Arachnophobes be warned: Saturday night Wife called me to the driveway to see “something incredible.” “Something” was an oval-shaped spider web the size of hula hoop suspended between our driveway and an overhanging rhododendron. It was a remarkable piece of natural architecture, and we marveled at its size and beauty.

And then we marveled at the architect: a brown spider about the size of a quarter, resting easily in the upper-left-hand margin of her creation. And with her, making a tentative approach, was her much smaller male counterpart. Witness a photo of what I can only describe as a very delicate dance (as always, click for a larger pic).

Being both voyeurs and naturalists by disposition, we decided to watch what would happen next. Let’s just say that she ultimately had her way … sort of a “have your cake and eat it too” conjugation … but all told, I suppose there are worse ways to go.

The next morning the whole tableau—spider, web, and mate—were gone.

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