February 25, 2003

More Light On The Story:

Several bloggers have hinted at shadows of what we're all certain is a larger story ... that Germany has been more complicit in the Iraqi chemical weapons program than we have been led to believe. Raising the shades a bit more today is this brief from the english summaries page of Der Spiegel.

Amer al-Saadi, Saddam's chief negotiator in the discussions with UN weapons inspector Hans Blix, was once himself the head of the poison gas programme and used to have excellent contacts in Germany. His well situated family still lives in Hamburg. Germany had the technology, and it had manufacturers who didn't ask why Iraq needed such big fertiliser plants, so al-Saadi sent his buyers to Germany.

Nothing new here, although the fact that al-Saadi's family still lives in Hamburg and the candid description of the German's self-interest is interesting. But how about this:

At one of the meetings the Iraqis remarked: "You have so much experience with using gas to kill Jews." And asked bluntly: "How can we make use of that to destroy Israel?"

Posted by Avocare at February 25, 2003 04:33 PM
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