February 11, 2003

Update & More Of The

Update & More Of The Tape: White House offered a nondescript statement ... no press release at whitehouse.gov yet. CNN's resident experts are increasingly confident this is OBL, within the appropriate contextualizations of when it may have been made, and if it may have been spliced together.

And only one has said this: that OBL's tapes have historically coincided with Al Qaeda attacks.

Wait ... a new excerpt --

We want to let you know and confirm for you that this war is the US and the infidels leading with its allies and friends ... first, we are with you and will fight in the name of God. This is not for the leaders or nations to win, but this is for God winning. God said that those who believe and fight in the name of god ... what you need to do is fight those that believe in Satan. Two, we want to remind you that victory comes from God only ... all we need to do is be prepared and be willing to fight for Jihad ... God will forgive all your sins. [verses from the Koran] ... those that oppress and don't deal fairly with people like those who drink alcohol ... these all are infidels that should be fought in the name of God [more examples from the Koran] ... you should do a good deed before you fight ... it has become apparent through our fighting of the US enemy that they are focusing so much on the psychological war through their propaganda machine and airstrikes ... this is a reflection of their being cowards because their soldiers know that their government are oppressors and have no cause to fight ... they are fighting for the businessmen, including those in the White House ... they have old animosities toward the Middle East, including George Bush the senior ...

Posted by Avocare at February 11, 2003 03:57 PM
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